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printf(“Hallo Welt!\n”);

My name is Jonas Höchst, born in the year of 1992 I am either enjoying the mercy or suffering the curse of a late birth. For my seventh birthday my uncle made a electronics experimental box. At the age of twelve my first line of code looked something like this:

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
    printf("Hallo Welt!\n");
    return 0;

In middle school my first Homepage went online, I installed my first Linux distro, built my first Hackintosh and flashed my first Atmel micro controller. I couldn’t stop exploring the world of computers while the main bottleneck was a missing fast Internet connection.

I did my Abitur at Landgraf-Ludwigs-Gymnasium in Gießen, set my focus to mathematics and chemistry but still had computer science in mind. Being a nineteen-year-old it is hard to decide on how to proceed in life. While luckily military duty was discontinued in Germany, I decided to go to Philips-University of Marburg to study computer science.

Logo of Philips-University

University courses deepened my understandings and once again widened my knowledge base especially in fields like IT Security and Distributed Systems to me. I set a focus to computer networks and worked in the LOEWE NICER Project further investigation emergency and delay-tolerant communication. I am a computer scientist by passion, and have worked in the SFB 1053 - MAKI at TU Darmstadt and Nature 4.0 - Sensing Biodiversity University of Marburg, being involved into thrilling research projects! I graduated in October 2022 as Dr. rer. nat. with my thesis on Smart Distributed Sensing in Adaptive Wireless Networks.

Right now, I am working with two of my colleagues to found tRackIT Systems, our company dedicated to the automated tracking of wildlife for ecological studies.

Scouting for boys me

I am a boy scout since I was eight years old. Scouting is an elementally part of my personality and helped me in various situations. At the age of fifteen our local group almost collapsed. Other scouts helped, I became a group leader with sixteen and we managed to rebuilt it almost from scratch.

Sign of Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder

At nineteen I became Stammesführer, who is in charge of organizing all parts of the local group. After that I became Regionssprecher who connects those and moderates processes between the local groups. Both jobs not only were fulfilling for my personal advancement but taught me a lot about managing things. Currently I am into different projects in my scouting organization, e.g., working on our new Pfadiralala IVplus songbook and building up a new local group in Kirchhain.

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